Nathalie Hirst
Buy Or Rent

Advice at every stage of the process.

Buy Or Rent


There are over 250 estate agents’ offices in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea alone, so knowing where to start can be quite overwhelming. While the agent’s job is to achieve the highest possible price for the vendor, Nathalie’s job is to advise the buyer. She offers her clients advice at every stage of the renting and buying process.

Nathalie’s aim is to secure the best property at the best price for her clients. She knows the market better than anyone and is always ahead of the curve. Approximately 70% of the properties Nathalie buys each year have never even reached the open market.


While the legal complexities can be less challenging with renting, there are still leases to understand and negotiate. The London market has improved enormously over the last 20 years with regards to the standard of rental properties available, but finding a quality property is still a rarity.

The prices requested often reflect the landlord’s expectations, rather than what the actual market commands. Nathalie assists and advises her clients in order to ensure that they secure the best rental properties at the best price, whilst also negotiating the fairest terms within the lease.


For both buying and renting services, Nathalie’s fee is divided into two parts. The first is a nominal upfront fee to cover expenses should a client decide for personal or professional reasons not to proceed.

The second is a success fee, which is only payable once Nathalie has successfully secured the property. Nathalie will agree a fixed rate for the success fee at the beginning of every project.

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